see kuulukse rohkem luuletuste blogi, aga: Kaali Saladuse filmist inspireeritud ingliskeelne luulutis.

Like the eye of the Sun with fire in tail
inexorable monster, destorted, derailed
The comet came down with a fright of a twist
creating a lightsucking Crater of Mist
The people saw flames dripping out of the clouds
wrapping waters and trees in grievous shrouds.

They made songs of a Doomsday and stories of grief
they had no strenght to work, or soul for belief
As hollow the hole in their homeland ground
as heavyly seemed they by mystery bound
The hole filled with water of venomous green
which for Mother Earth´s blood was tended to deem.

Whoever would bath in this vein of the Earth
would never get warm, not by friendliest hearth
the games that were played there, enfolded in mist
were not held by joy, and not on good list
the dances there danced were not to amuse
For The Crater of Mist was no near to a muse.

How deep the hole, was forgotten soon
and thereon seen only by rays of the Moon
But the stories, they lasted till one day all men
saw mist rise in murmuring tones again.
and when you look densely, reflections of sky
in greens of the deep hide a glimmering eye.


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