80ndad jätkub. Keha keel. Body language.

Mingis mõttes.
In a way....

the movies, yes. I know I did promise. But first I gotta say, field trips and accidents. I was a restless child, climbed everywhere, walked on dumpsites and factory territories and stuff. and of course I hurt myself miserably many times. it is just that, one ugly scar in my palm started to get cramped up again so it reminded me of this. That scar must have a midlife crisis I think, it has woken up. I got it at my granduncle´s birthday party, when a glass door fell on me. I barely escaped from being decapitated, but it broke and cut through my hand. 28 stitches.
in the same hand I have two marks from a field trip with my mom´s working place. In the Soviet time every place could be full of dangerous rubbish. A silly three-year-old as I was, I stumbled upon a piece of wood with two rusty nails sticking out of it. they went all the way through my hand. Dog did I scream. I scared everyone half to death. My hand was tied up and healed pretty soon. doctors thought it was no big deal so we got no appointment time from our clinic.
one scar is from a dogbite, in the tip of my middle finger. how ironic....
then there are the usual ones from tetanus and smallpocks and consumption shots. Don´t think now that I am a savage, but I bit the doctor too. and many other people, during getting those shots.
One scar is from falling on a bedcorner when 4, my front teeth went through my lip. It was my grandaunts place who shared the apartmenet with one well known estonian artist. that guy always wore dirty blue overalls and he had a beard
this _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ long
and he borrowed his brush drying rags to stop my bleeding. they had some oil and stuff on them that actually worked really well, better than bandages. I felt I was a painting and he was taking the excess paint off me....
anyway, you can see that scar when I turn my lip inside....

then one is on top of my head, when I was hit with a garden rake by the boy next door. he was a bit mental.... again, I bled awfully, but it didnt hurt much.

then one time was when my aunt had a bloodvessel burst in her head and went crazy and threw a brick at me. she aimed at my face but only scrathced my ear. and then she collapsed and they took her to the hospital and operated immediately. I was in shock for a week, more from what happened to her, than from being thrown with a brick. cause something happened to ME all the time.

Then I fell from apple trees and other trees ( well in the summer at my granny´s) , and now THAT I worried about. cause it ruined at least 7 pairs of pants, I was sometimes scared to go home. was mom mad or what. and there was one time when the pants went to shreds and I was about a mile away from granny´s house almost half naked. I thought I´d have to wait until dark, but my granny came to collect herbs so she went back and brought me a new pair....

I guess the mental scars are the worst...but that talk would be too depressing and it is like from some other person´s life. That just wasnt me.

okey, a little start to the movies section.

one name from the 80ies movies of Estonia is Olav Ehala. a composer. if you can name that, you can bluff your way right into the heart of our cinephiles. and if you can sing an intro from any of his songs from those movies, you´ll have everyone crawling at your feet. (you don´t get them to lick your boots though at any terms, cause they are afraid of germs...hehe, that rhymed. )

thats it for today, I am gonna go clean my apartement now.


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