esmaspäev, juuni 04, 2007

Last chance to give me hints to small shoes!

I MUST by a pair tomorrow at the latest really, cause tre´ll be this exhibition opening and I can´t go barefoot, and I just discovered a hole in my last pair. I need shoes, please, people, it is an emergency.
Or I will just go and buy the Minnie Mouse ones. Or the ones with hearts and flying elephants.
I want to cry a little.
Kingapoode, inimesed, soovitage palun selliseid kingapoode, kus on väikseid numbreid. Ja ma ei mõtle 36 -37, vaid 35 - 35,5!!!! Ma hakkan nutma varsti, homme tuleb näituse avamisele minna, ja ma vist pean minema paljajalu, sest viimases paaris on mõlemal auk sees.
Lähen ostan need minnihiirtega ära ja valma.

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