Ja mida teeb rebane selle asemel et lugu tõlkida? 200 küsimust.


200. My Middle Name Is:

199. I was born in:

198. I am:
Yes, I am.

197.i am wearing.
pyjama...s? No, just pyjama pants and some kind of raggy top

196. My eye color is:
bluish gray

195. My shoe size is:
35 european ( 2 american? i dont know)

194. My ringtone is:
WHAT? I am not a phone!

193. My height is:
163,5 cm

192. I am allergic to:
soap operas

191. I was born in the month of:

190. I live in:
the beach-side neighborhood

189. The last book I read:
Kingdom of Fear by Hunter Thompson

188. My bed is:

187. Are you happy with your life?
well, it is MINE.

186. Last person to send you a text message?
someone from the phone company cursing me to hell

185. Ever smoked a cigarette:
no. never. I smelled other people smoke and it makes me not just puke, but hit them as hard as I can to have mercy and save them from the slow death.

184. AIM or MSN or Yahoo
it is a waste of time

183. Do you email:
no, I am a textile artist not a bowl maker

182. How is the weather today?
it is night, dumbass

181. Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled out:

180. Ever been to Disney Land:
Nope. Oh, I went to Eurodisneyland. it is not worth all the hours spent standing in 2km lines

179. My favorite holiday is...
Any Free Day

178. The perfect kiss..
oh you wish.

177. The last three cds I bought:
ask me again on the 29th

176. Last song that made you cry:
cry? excuse me? you mean the water that comes from the eyes and falls into the soup? No, not me.

170. What did you do yesterday?
almost everything. I did everything else today.


142. Love at first sight?
No, only crushes

141. Luck?
I prefer determination and riding on energy waves when they are available

140. Fate?

139. God?
Don..t make me laugh.

138. Aliens?
No, I dont believe in them, they cannot be trusted.

137. Heaven?
Get outtaere

136. Hell?
hell no.

135. Ghosts?
not for real

134. Horoscopes?
no, but it is interesting to pretend to be a Perfect Ape or a Perfect Aquarius

133. Soul mates?
On what level? there are like, 10. On level 8 - people with common interests, shared ideas and matching understanding of bringing those ideas to life, that I know well. level 10 - people with perfect understanding of what the other is about, the good sides, the bad sides, people who can be apart for ages but never forget, people who dont need to ask, to judge, to explain, to change, to question, that can happen, but only a genius can recognize it.


129. Hugs or Kisses?
hugs. You cant have group kisses! More is better.

127. Phone or online?
phone still has a line, so you are on line.

126. Red Hair or Black Hair?

125. Blondes or Brunettes?

124. Hot or Cold?
cold!!! icy! freezing! yess, yess, yess!"!!!!!!

123. Summer or winter?
winter more.

122. Sun or Rain?
rain. water is my element. sun can kill me. if I dont kill him first.

121. Chocolate or Vanilla?

120. Night or Morning?

119. Oranges or Apples?
no, pineapples. and do not give me the shit of "you have to choose from the options given! I choose whatever I want.

118. Curly or straight hair?
curly. I would like to be curly. I had a classmate whose hair was so curly it was standing up by 12 inches. crazy stuff.


101. Saw someone I hadn't seen in a while:
I havent like seen anyone for a while. I tend to miss them, even iff they are there, there is just so much on my mind

100. Cried in front of someone:
oh my goodness.... maybe in 2nd grade.

99. Grew:
tomatoes? in 1998. Then someone blew up my greenhouse. now I am growing a nail. there is no hope for any but one. One nail.

89. Who makes you laugh the most:
myself, gonzo forbid.

87. The last movie you saw:

82. The thing I don't understand:
all of the jazz, from time to time

79. The things I plan on doing this summer:
felt, listen to folk music, write, make art, not war.

78. Do you like someone special?

77. What's your current obsession?
exhibition deadline...and now that you managed to make me go there - AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

76. What could you be doing besides filling this countdown out?
SLEEPING. it is 2 am

75. What annoys you?
I never know in front. it might be you next! be very ahvreid.

74. The thing I'm looking forward to most:
folk music festival, raspberries and writing a new story

73. The thing I'm not looking forward to doing?
inviting people to opening which might not happen for too sure

72. Today:
is another day

71. This summer:

70. This week:

62. The person who knows the most about me:
my best friend

61. The person who can read me the best is:
see above

60. The most difficult thing to do is:
let go

56. My zodiac sign is:

54. First time you had a crush:
at 2 y.o into a white bloodcell in a childrens book of anatomy

50. What is your dream job?
inventor of beautiful things

49. First job:
photographer, can you believe it?

46. I hope:
I dont look like a zombie when I wake up

45. The worst sound in the world is:
Bollywood movie music

44. The person that makes me cry the most:
myself, the I Fear I Might Be Looser, Although People Say No

43. Pen or Pencil?

42. Most missed memory from childhood?
a real country market

41. Heels or flats?

40. Laptop or desktop?
desktop. computer is not a pet.

39. Brand of clothes?
self made

38. Favorite office supply?

37. Song stuck in your head?
cool down the pace

36. Favorite decade.
-1000ies ( high point of Greek culture), 1060ies (Bayeux carpet), 1350ies (millefieur carpets), 1630ies ( first decade of first University of Estonia, with some tragic results), 1780ies ( those stupid wigs start to disappear), 1900ies ( those bosoms!), 1930ies (Jaguar Cars), 1960ies (fantastic fabrics), and 1980ies, the Singing Revolution, and now. No actually, not now.

35. Florida or Hawaii:
Hawaii. Lono.

33. My favorite piece of clothing:

32. My favorite sport is?

31. What would you change about your personality?

30. What would change about yourself physically?
I wouldnt. just because I do not have to!

29. My computer:
is a bitch, sorry babe.

22. The all-time best movie is:
probably Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, cause everyone said the book cant be made into a film at all.

21. The all-time best thing in the world is:
music. there is no life, no soul, no dreams, no nothing without music. No Mood, no feeling, just no.

20. Last thing ate:
kohupiim. hopeless to translate into english, cause you dont have that.

19. The most annoying thing ever is:
unnecessary noise

18. The most annoying person you know is?
initials E.S. and a politician in Estonia, current mayor of T.

17. I lose all respect for people that?
only stand for their own interests and nothing else, and those interests involve money and nothing else.

16. The movies I have cried at are:
None. Oh, maybe Titanic, when I was forced to watch that crap and they wouldnt let me out of the room, although I begged and pulled my hair and crawled at their feet.

15. Last phone call:
to someone who was looking for my dad lying about his location

14. TV shows you watch:
Monk, uhhhm.....I really dont watch, you see, it is just a background. so I cant exactly tell what shows have been on.

13. Last friend you hung out with:

12. I want to be:
sure I do. occasionally.

11. I went to school at:
6. Years old, not am.

10. I work at:

9. My room is:
loaded with suff

8. My favorite celebrity is:
Tim Burton

6. My favorite color is:

5. My weakness is:
absentmindedness. I might have caused a lot of disasters without last minute reminders.

4. My boyfriend/girlfriend is:
I dont have one, cause Other People are on my way. what is the point? I get bored of people in approximately 10 hours, I start avoiding them in one month and I get them to hate me whenever it is necessary.

3. One thing that makes you feel great is:
when I get something done.

2. One thing that makes you feel awful is:
future. which is ridiculous, cause future doesnt even exist yet. thats whats so awful: something that doesnt exist controls our lives so much! Why? Why are we on that leash? I dont understand.

1. Love and the potential of being hurt OR never loved but never hurt?
my love is different, and so is my pain.... love is a moment, a potential, a room, pain is a trigger of everything I do. I am never at ease, love is too tranquil to me


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