neljapäev, august 30, 2007

Minu näitus - Villasilmaja

Avamine 3. septembril kell 16.00 Kastellaanimaja Galeriis ja jääb avatuks 18. septembrini. see tähendab, kui ma ta ikka üles saan.

My exhibition Villasilmaja (The Feltwatcher? Feltseeer? It sounds ridiculous trying to translate it....) opens at 16.00 on september 3rd in Kastellanimaja Gallery in Roheline Aas 3, Tallinn, Kadriorg. And it stays open till september 18th. that is, if and when I manage to get everything up in time.

Pöidlad pihku, sõbrad.
Cross your fingers for me, PLEASE.

Edwardit näete ka. Viltkätt.
You´ll also see Edward Feltedhands.

Ja võibolla veel mõnd Burtonlikku asja. Ka siis 5. septembri ja tema elutööauhinna auks.
And perhaps some more stuff inspired by Tim Burton and in the honor of him getting that lifetime achievement award in Venice.

Kuradi tore tegelikult, et ma just sellele ajale sattusin.
Mighty fine to have this time for my own show by lucky coincidence.

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