kolmapäev, september 05, 2007

Suurpäev on käes. The Grandest day has arrived.

Täna siis saab Tim selle elutööauhinna Veneetsias. Toimub ka pressikonverents, kell 12.30 siinse aja järgi, mida saab elusas videolaines jälgida/live stream video.
Auhinnatseremoonia on kell 17.30
Issake, mul on kriidid ostmata!

Today Tim gets the lifetime achievement award. There is going to be a press conference that can be followed live from the link above ( if my sources are correct).
The award ceremony is at 17.30 (by this time zone)
I still need to buy chalk!

Kui keegi oskab salvestada kuidagi elusast videost mingit juppi, palun tehke seda, onju.
If there is anyone who can record a piece of that live stream, please do.

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