esmaspäev, november 05, 2007

Ma sain teada, millal minu osalusega Õpiõu eetris on.

I found out when the outdoor learning program I participated in last spring is on air.

N 18:15 15.11
Õpiõu!: Narva Punamütsikese Lasteaed (venekeelsete subtiitritega)
Seekord näeme, kuidas Narva Punamütsikese Lasteaia keelekümbluse lapsed õpivad tundma oma kodu ja kodukanti. Kuna Narvas on juba vähemalt 150 aastat usinalt kangast kootud, õpivad väiksed narvalased tekstiilikunstnik Tuuli Reinsoo käe all ka veidi kangakudumist.

the ( direct translation) Little red Riding hood kindergrarten, Little Mao... I taught some russian children some tapestry-making out of natural materials. These programs eventually end up at, then you can also see it online. But first I am going to see if I even look alright and talk sense, and if I dont there is no way I am going to allow you to watch it.

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