laupäev, veebruar 02, 2008

Tim Burtons´Sweeney Todd: appikuää! God, it´s good!!!!!

Remember how I said, I am afraid it would feel like watching my granny skydiving? I think my granny would make an excellent skydiver.

Sweeney Todd. Not the least bit awkward. Not the least bit uncomfortable to witness. It was perfect. Thank octopussy. Just perfect, and I am so happy for all that were involved. Now you´ve done it guys!
And now, some vile estonian swearing in the direction of the American Film Academy. Excuse me please
Mida ku*adit te tõ**akari mõtlete et te ra*sad ei anna Tim´ile oscarit, mis ku*adi pa*sk see on, s*******, kas teil ku*at pole aruraasugi peas mis ********** te sellised olete ma ei saa aru mida f**** te ootate igavesed h***apojad?

There. Over and done with.
The reaction of the audience ----there was a lot of laughter, a lot of gasps, a lot of "ewws".....biggest applause went to Pirelli of course. Sacha is funny beyond words, thats just incredible how anyone can be that funny.
And as for for, you know.... the singing. THE singing. It was so good. It was so well done, that all the doubts and all the question marks on my forehead dissapeared.

GOD, it´s good! Appikuää!

Eesti inimene loeb ülalkirjutatust välja et rebane on täitsa tundeliselt lömmis ja ärarabandatud ja tummaks löödud nimetet filmist.
ja see "G,IG" on repliik muusikalist.

Kas ma aga olin ainus kes siiski tabas tillukese silmapilgu Anthony Stuart Headiga?

Was I the only one who managed to get a glimpse of Anthony Stuart Head who was said to have been cut...?

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