laupäev, august 02, 2008

Tundide ja sammudega Põhja-Norrat mõõtmas. Norway in steps, hours and kilometers, in a bus full of very quiet people.

Põhja-Norra 23.07.-01.08.2008.

Olen tagasi reisilt, mu sokid ei haise, aina segasin teisi ja kõrvas on paise....
I am back from a 10(11) day trip to Northern part of Norway, included the northernmost point of continental Europe - Nordkapp.

Praegu on mu laual hunnik möödundnädalisi ajalehti, et end esmakõrdselt kaotatet Folgi perast lohuta´. Olen ju pärast maal veedet suve ka 34 aastat vanu ajalehti lugend, sest kas ma teadsin neid asju varem, millest sääl kirjutatakse? E-hei. mis see nädal...aasta... mis on 5500 kilomeetrit või 8 tundi vaikust....
Right now I am catching up on the events and happenings from the newspapers of the past week. Thats even fast since I have also read 3 months old newspapers...heck, what - 34 years old newspapers, coming back from the countryside once. Cause, did I know it before, what they wrote? No, I definitely did not. So, they were worth reading. A week is nothing.... 5545 kilometers feels like nothing now...or 8 hours of silence... But I am scared to open those papers...will I be aching for the music festival I missed for the first time in 16 years?
Karbike roosat marmorit ja muid kiva seisab elutoas laual ema salaja ostetud trolli ja muude matkasuveniiride kõrval (kes nood saab? küll te näete...)
A box full of pink marble and a pile of other pebbles and stones picked from different coasts and riversides, mountain peeks and tundra lakes is standing on the table among moms´secretly bought worlds ugliest troll keychain and other souvenir gifts. Ohhh you´ll see who is getting what!
Te saate kuulda, mis salapärased kübaraga mehed Norras tee ääres luuravad, kus ei tohi linna vahel ratsutada, mis on põhjamaade palm, mis paistab üle serva ja kes on potnapekka, millises asulas tuleb sängi pääsemiseks planku mööda kõndida nagu piraadilaeval ja kuidas minust sai tõlk ja juhiabi ning palju muud huvitavat. Koos tsenseerimata fotodega.
You shall hear about the mysterious men in top hats standing on the road sides in Norway, places in the town center that arent suitable for horseback riding, what is a northern palm tree and what you can see over the Edge and who is a potnapekka, in which habitat must you walk the plank to get to bed, how I became a synchronized translator and executive assistant and a lot of other wonderous things. All that in the coming days.... with pictures, uncensored.

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