Svjata Vatra vajab abi. Operation Trombone replacement (hope they dont mind me forwarding this message)

Dear Friends,I turn to You with the plea of help. Namely, I went two
weekends ago with my band to Germany to the festival and due to the reckless
hands of airport employees an unfoertunat tragedy for me has ocurred – In my
baggage my trombone was broken. It is unfortunate, that in this particular time
we had no insurance made for ourselves. A trombone is my means of work, my
source of income.We start now dealing with airway company, but it might take
some considerable time for a positive income to arrive for us, maybe for months
on end, and the positive outcome of it all is not so assured. But the trombone
is needed practically TOMORROW! There are presentation concerts ahead for the
new album in different towns in Estonia with my former band Haydamaky, also a
lot of other concerts, including ones abroad. Since in Estonia there is no such
trombone to be found, that would suit me and the task, so, the closest place to
find it, is germany. I have to go to Germany this or next week and buy the new
trombone out. After that – send the documents to german airway company
Germanwings and wait for 2 months till the material is handled, and the answer
given. I ask for Your help to buy out the trombone, alltogether 32000-50000
Estonian kroons ( 2-3,2 thousand Euros). In the attachment of the e-mail there
are instruments shown, that I will choose from. I am VERY grateful for ebery
help! My account number is nr.10010426361015 TROCHYNSKYI RUSLAN SEB
IBAN:EE621010010426361015 BIC:EEUHEE2X Next month, in connection with album
presentation tour, there should be dome articles in press, also some radio- and
TV interviews. I will surely mention this unfortunate case and thank all the
people, who have helped.If the proceedings with airways company will end
positively, I will organize a big party! And if there is anyone, who would like
and is able to help me out in full amount of money, I will give a private
concert! Looking forward and hoping for Your help, Gratefully, Ruslan

06. 11 Genialistide club Tartu Svjata
Vatra14. 11 Ait Viljandi Svjata Vatra+Haydamaky15. 11. Amigo Tallinn Svjata
Vatra+Haydamaky28. 11 Pärnu Svjata Vatrap. s.Do you know music shop in
Spain(Madrid or Sevilla) where can I buy this trombon bach 36B?I will be in
Madrid 29. 10 and Sivilja Womex-03. 11...or Berlin -easyjet...or
Finland...thanks for the support :-)Ruslan Trochynskyi

@ Ruslan> ma luban, kui koju jõuan tagasi saadan ka midagi sutike. mul põle koode praega kaasas. palun ärge ainult kontserte ära jätke!!!


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