neljapäev, veebruar 19, 2009

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Sama raamat ühes poes ja teises.

the same book in two shops not 100 meters away from each other.

It is a book on one small-island-womans´ life, her crafts and her knowledge in the all-positive key. Joy de vivre ? I think that´s how they say. It has a rather salty price. But I already know it is hopeless, even in the state of economic depression. I give myself a week at the most of resistance and then I am facing the problem of where to keep it again.

I brought home the crafts books I kept at school, the trouble is, the spots on the shelves where they were kept have all been filled by new books in the meantime. What in the world am I going to do. I really want a personal library...

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