teisipäev, märts 24, 2009

Kas ta sunnik läheb valgeks või ei???? Will it get ANY whiter at ALL????

Niisugusena nagu ta pärast kursuse kolmandat tundi jäi
Like this piece was after the 3rd lesson of the course

aja vahtu
that foam came from my own mouth!!!

Jah, olen pettur pesin kaht korraga tegelt....
Cheater! I washed two in one bowl. But why does it have to be one at a time????
pärast teist loputust
after 3rd washing
Pärast vahuga pesu märjalt
after first washing
enne viimast loputust
after changing water 6 times (one before the last wash)

Ma ikka püüan topelt-tõestada kas Tekstiilide hingehoiu kursusel räägitust on abi või ei.
I am double-checking if what I was told on the course holds any truth in it. I spent 15 hours washing one little goddamn piece of textile. GAHHH!
No on valgem küll. Aga mitte LUMIvalge.
It is whitER. But not BRIGHT white.

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