Animateek nr. 8. Run Wrake.

Unustasin eile sellest kirjutada. Run Wrake on nagu Monty Pythoni klipp Luarvik Luarviku muusikale.
Run Wrake introduced his animations in KUMU on the 28th of april. Interesting. Like I had falled asleep face down and having colorful flashbacks mixed with Monty Python, indian mythology and The Happy Merrygoround soviet cartoons while slowly suffocating in my crow feathered pillow.
The Rabbit
The images mostly looked like cut-outs, or were cut-outs, from different magazines and comics and postcards and...stuff... They were all looped and paced to music. Run Wrake has even made videos for U2 and...some other bands... See, waiting one day when you have no notes can be fatal! I can´t remember my thoughts of him any more.
Why is there always silence when an estonian animation event reaches question round? what is the point of having the animators over if no one wants to ask any questions? It is like the damn staring contest!
I wonder how he comes up with his visual punch lines, like, does he have to hold back the flow of ideas or does he sit at his desk thinking hard and drawing stuff out through his ears until his brains starts to bleed?
His animation style was a bit too fast for me though, it made my eyes hurt. But those distorted and looped random images one growing out of the other and transforming fluently from a piece of meat into a robot-like TV presenter on top of a rotten a vertebrae if very much how I would draw animation.
I make no sense, but then again, neither does this.


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