reede, august 07, 2009

Näitusele Haapsallu!!! Names and faces, an exhibition.

Pühapäeval avatakse Haapsalus Evald Okase Muuseumis näitus Nimed ja näod.
Ka mina osalen.
I am taking part in an exhibition called Names and Faces in a small town Haapsalu. The town is famous for its lace scarves, a white ghost in the medieval castle, a world reknown childrens book illustrator Ilon Wikland (she drew the Pippi Langstrump, Brothers Lionhearts and Bullerby Children and Karlsson everyone knows best) and mud...yes, sea mud and sanatoriums. Chaikovsky has taken strolls there on the seaside and there is a bench named after him, there is also just some very lovely old wooden architecture and a railway museum.
Minu tööde mekki saate fotodest. Ka Eesti Näo lapitekk loodetavasti läheb üles.
You can get a glimpse of the work I personally present there right here right now. The great quilt we made at school will hopefully be shown too.

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KK ütles ...

Päris äge!
Ma ka Haapsalus täna, pitsi kudumas :)

Redfox ütles ...

tuleb välja et nad ei "mahtunud". kuradi bullshit küll. teist korda sel aastal ma ikka vist ei kõlba kuke saba alla oma "kunstiga".

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