teisipäev, detsember 29, 2009

Avastus: kadunud kivid. The Lost Stones.

The Kopli Cemetary Park is known for once being the elite cemetary for the balto-german families and many famous names from science and culture. The cemetary was destroyed during the Second World War by the red army and the tombstones either crushed to crumbs or towed away and used as barn and pigsty foundations in some distant collective farm. Apparently, when they renovated the park, they must have discovered some intact tombstones, that are now standing in the back yard of the park (where they mostly keep the beach dressing cabins and benches). Or then they discovered the stones elsewhere and took them here to put them back at their original spots. It is nice to know at least some of the memory about the bones lieing underneath this ground is not lost. I think the nameless souls floating around in the region is the cause of that many outcasts and this part of town being like a cemetary of hope.

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