pühapäev, detsember 20, 2009

Jõulud põhjalas.

So we have ended up on the main square of the town at last with our teepee events. This is as good as it gets I guess. And it feels totally natural to be there. I hope we manage to offer a bit more tomorrow since today most of the planned activities went down the drain due to heavy cold (-25C). Like, for example, the paint froze over and it was rather impossible to remove the mittens even for me, not to mention kids who came to crafts something. We´ll rearrange stuff tomorrow so people can sit close to teh fire and make something, and won´t have to stand behind the table near the outside wall. We shall just plan activities you can do sitting down, in your lap.
But the huskies! My gosh, those dogs are amazing, they draw so much attention and they are so beautyful! I am no dog person, but I do love them. they would like to pull a sleigh, but there is not enough snow yet. I hope there will be in the course of the week.

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